2017 Projects
Brodsky Pavillion

We have worked with RPP, the executive architects, to provide the structural engineering solution to the design provided by Alexander Brodsky, the artist.

The complexities came from the location, being in the middle of a park, the fact that there was no deviating at all from the artist aspirations, that it had to be kept as simple as possible so that the students at the Architectural Association could construct it and that any foundation system used had to be temporary so as at the end of the installation it could all be removed without making large disturbances to the grass.

In association with Alexander Brodsky and RPP

MSA Homeless Shelter

A group of students from the MSA designed an emergency shelter module for homeless people, using only reclaimed materials (e.g. timber pallets) and drafting an assembly manual to allow people with little construction knowledge to build similar units.

We helped the group of students designing the module by providing some advice on the buildability of the pod and how to make the structure stable.

The first module (see pictures) was built in approximately a week by the group of students and presented to the community.

In association with Manchester School of Architecture