Ongoing Projects

Network Rail - Footbridges of the Future

We teamed with Hawkins Brown in an open ideas competition for the future design of Network Rails footbridges across the UK. Our entry was selected has highly commended out of over 120 entries.

The Challenge was to create a flexible design concept that could apply in a huge variety of settings across the UK; from rural locations, listed stations and urban cities. Whilst maintaining this flexibility in design for the environment it was also important to base this design on a standard set of components that could easily be constructed.

This is where our ‘Kit of parts idea’ shone through our adaptable pods cantilever from the main vierendeel bridge deck structure – encouraging the bridge to become more than just a path from A-B, but also tailored for the local context (ie. A café space, a look out spot, a small library).

The basis of the structure was a dictated by the architecture as the structure was fully exposed. The stair and lift cores provides the main lateral support for the bridge while the span deflections and vibrations are minimised by a lower truss and diaphragm action in the deck.  Our structural challenge was to turn this concept into a standardised kit of parts to reduce costs and promote off-site construction; which would limit site works and disruption to network rail.

In association with Hawkins Brown