Sculpture Projects
Marco Miehling Selfridges Installation

Design Studio provided advice to the artist Marco Miehling for a commission at Selfridges. Marco is a sculptor based in both London and Berlin and was introduced to Design Studio as a Bursary Award winner from the Royal Society of Sculptors. His work displays large visible forces and combines industrial and natural elements. Many of his pieces balance a sense of contemplation with a feeling of nervousness.

For the plinth at Selfridges Duke Street entrance, Design Studio worked closely with Marco to realise his work “A Tree Is A Big Plant With A Stick Up In The Middle”. The sculpture suspends a large trunk, taken from a diseased tree in Hyde Park, on a steel ramp. The idea behind the piece is to convert a tree trunk from an object of nature to an object of contemplation. To maximise the drama and jeopardy of the piece (whilst ensuring the safety of the public and integrity of the plinth) we used iterative design processes to optimise the trunk weight, ramp angle and rope tension. We helped develop numerous concepts and contributed at every stage of the creative process.

In association with Marco Miehling

Raynham Hall Pavilion
Structures, Sculptures

This installation for Cosmic Roots Festival was intended to be an impactful and interactive piece which changed throughout the day to reflect the atmosphere of the festival.  It takes inspiration from the designer’s experience in Moscow and Russia at large, with references to some of the ad hoc temporary structures that can be seen on construction sites around the city. 

The main challenges of this project came from the specification that it had to be a temporary structure which needed to be easy to construct, deconstruct and store for reconstruction the following year; that at night the sculpture was to be lit internally and that the external appearance of the structure couldn’t differ from the original design meaning all supports and bracing had to be internal.

In association with Matthew Hearn